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Girls laying side by side for AVYA promotion



Create the brand pillars, content strategy and influencer program for AVYA skincare, a brand that uses active botanicals and ground-breaking technology to ensure that every product works perfectly on all skin types, no matter your melanin level.



All women, regardless of skin tone, ethnicity or melanin level, deserve a skincare regimen which is efficacious and can deliver the strength that comes with having beautiful, healthy, radiant skin. 



Shifting the skincare paradigm to focus on the attributes of skin with higher melanin by inspiring and informing her of a healthy skincare lifestyle, to help guide her towards her own personal,
on-going journey of living life unconditionally.



Launched in Feb 2018, by April 2018 Avya Eye Bright Cream was awarded "Best New Beauty" in Allure Magazine. By summer 2018 Avya was brought into Macy's nationwide. And in January 2019 was featured in the red carpet beauty regimen of actress Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) and Oscar nominee Marina de Tavira.


Creative Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Content Strategy – Launch Plan

Women smiling for a AVYA advertisement
Pink text that says "Live Unconditional" at a white background
Women holding a bottle of AVYAs facial product
Pink text that says "The best new beauty product this month" by allure magazine
"The best new beauty prodcuct this month" Allure magazine for AVYA
A quote from tiffany haddish that says "Be yourself, It's the healthiest way to be"
Gina Rodriguez getting ready for the golden globes
Gina Rodriguez using AVYA products for golden globes
AVYA products thanks Gina Rodriguez for golden globes
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