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Relaunching some of the nation's most well known brands and creating the brands of the future.


Launch one of the 4 first to market CBD and Prebiotic soda brands under the promise that happier is healthier. 


Create a competitive CBD beverage brand in 2019 to over 39 Million impressions in the first 3 months. Grow the brand’s ecommerce sales 200% month over month from launch. To a 600% increase from live launch in 2019. Products stocked in over 5000 independent  retail locations nationally, garner 70k+ followers on social media and launch three robust SKU categories.


Relaunched Bud Light Lime-A-Rita as it's own brand with the intent of marketing solely to women.


Won the pitch for “the agency” corresponding shopper marketing and social media marketing strategies. Evolving their way to 2019 when “The Ritas” were born proudly touting female bonding, calling out gender stereotypes and dropping “Bud Light” all together. Moving to AB InBev’s “Beyond Beer Portfolio” portfolio grew 20% in 2021.


Launch (Q2 2023) a first-to-market RTD made with fermented blue agave and a unique business model for the mass retail capabilities of a malt beverage with the ingredients of a premium spirit.

Results: We can't wait to find out!

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