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Coca-Colas banner for the digital campaign


Radically re-invent the corporate portion of by resurrecting Journey, Coca-Cola’s former internal magazine and make it available to the masses. Turn B2B to B2C. Celebrate content with true Coca-Cola personality.



People share happiness more than they share sorrow.



What if there was a little red button, a virtual smiley face on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, or USA Today that said “GOOD NEWS ONLY.” Would you use it?


Coca-Cola Journey – Refreshing the World one story at a time


Coca-Cola Compay website ( is still the place where investors and customers alike can find what actions Coca-Cola takes to stand by their promise of a better future.


Content Strategy

Website Art Direction

Coca-Colas Digital Campiag Journey website
Coca-Colas internal staff presenting their new model
Coca-cola digital campaign journey opinion page
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