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Elevate the cannabis industry by creating a brand that establishes a clear differentiation from the general price or quality claims and cuts through the newness factor of the entire industry. New brands, new strains, new form factors etc. Basically turn the quality flower and convenience of a pre-roll into a BRAND.


In today’s world pressure keeps people from being present in the moment to the point where they can’t see all the good around them. Yet they are craving presence more than ever!



Who are the ultimate experts in maintaining a presence? Dogs! They live in the now, open themselves up to meeting and greeting new friends and love to explore their surroundings.

So we created Dog Walkers – a mild remedy for a modern problem. From packaging to content we differentiated the end effects of the product in easy to understand dog analogies. “Sit (indica) “Stay” (hybrid) “Play” (sativa) varieties.

And put our money where our mouth is giving back a portion of the proceeds to pets in need.


Launched in 2018 with dispensary retail distribution in Florida, Illinois, Nevada


Creative Strategy

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