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Ferrari F8 Tributo Launch

Celebrities at the launch party of Ferrari F8 Tributo


Launch the Ferrari F8 Tributo in Los Angeles, New York and Miami to the American market with experiential events, content, and a national dealer program


Knowing that The 710-hp F8 Tributo was more of an update than an all-new machine, but engineered to out-perform it’s previous V-8’s we had to amplify the details that, when combined add up to true unique Ferrari Design!



The Ferrari Museum


Pay tribute to nearly 45 years of mid-engine V8 Ferraris. As fans and drivers arrived at the launch events dozens of Ferraris of all colors and vintages were lined up at the valet stand. Inside the warehouse, the massive interior was awash in red lighting, illuminating everyone in a rosso corsa glow. Vivid scenes of Ferrari heritage were projected onto garage doors throughout the space. The only wine at the bar? An Old World Italian red, of course.

When it was time to launch the Spider, we chose Miami’s Art Basel with the theme of “Wild at Heart” continuing on the theme of carefully curated Ferrari moments through-out history – with a Miami twist.


Ferrari F8 Tributo became a best seller.

The success led to more work for the agency with Ferrari for Save the Children producing a virtual experience with Adam Levine his wife Behati Prinsloo joined President of Ferrari North America Matteo Torre.


Creative Direction – Experience Design

Ferrari F8 Tributo lauch party
Ferrari F8 Tributo Launch
Ferrari F8 Tributo Launch img 01.jpg
Ferrari F8 Tributo Launch img 03.jpg
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