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Different flavors of Grainfuls Whole Grain Frizen based meal


After several branding “pivots”, all of which focused on functionally highlighting the health benefits of their food, Grainful asked us to connect with customers beyond just the message of “healthy frozen meals”


The frozen aisle is the last place our consumer thinks about being adventurous and trying new things. It is a quick grab and go stock-up for the coming week or better yet, buy in bulk based on what’s on-sale, minimizing trial.



Powering Everyday Adventure


Food is a portal to places and experiences. Merging global flavors with everyday adventures. To start we redesigned each box, through the use of custom illustrations, typography and color, to tell a sku specific story about an everyday adventure. Every box and flavor story feels as personal and friendly as Grainful, the company, is.


Then we helped them find their signature voice and through social media to attract the interest of their target, the highly coveted Millennial shopper.

Partnering with Well + Good for a  media partnership with Well + Good, was their public debut, to garner awareness beyond the frozen aisle. supported by social and digital efforts. Well + Good’s philosophy of living an approachably healthy and balanced life allowed Grainful to seamlessly weave their food story into narratives on Spring Cleaning Your Freezer and Good Grains.


Got an exclusive for Target line extension that ended up on shelf at over 1600 Target stores in 2019.


Media Partnership exceed awareness kpi by 16% generating over 4.6mm curated impressions.


Drove sales on Amazon for the first time


Caught the eye of Walmart – who wanted what Target had – and soon, Oat Pasta will be born…


Creative Strategy

Media Partnership

Grainful sample advertisement.jpg
Grainful Mac and Cheese packaging
Grainful collection of brand image
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