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Collection of OJAS Beauty Products



Create a skincare brand that caters to the luxury demographic that enjoys all experiences, more than what they have or own. Amplify the lifestyle and joys they share to build influence over skin wellness.



There is a new customer in the luxury skincare market who cares less about brand names and more about wellness inside and out.


She is committed to making the fundamental improvements that cannot happen overnight because she believes that life is worth living well and she believes her skin is an expression of her health and overall style..



The greatest luxury you can have is to live well.

We built the brand from inception to distribution focusing on customer segmentation, brand voice and promise as well as content and editorial and social strategies.


After less than a year, OJAS inked distribution deals at Nordstrom, The Four Seasons, and Auberge Resorts.



Consumer Research

Creative Direction

Content Strategy

Social Content Creation

OJAS collection of beauty products and models
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