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After a successful partnership with where P&G rolled out 80+ Olay Product Pages with SKU specific content, their reviews and purchases increased by 32% they realized it was time to apply the same learnings to 


People shop e-commerce via skin concern first when exploring followed by product type unless it is a repeat purchase. For drugstore brands ingredient lists; ratings and reviews based on age; and skin type play more into the purchase choice than marketing campaign information and brand claims. 



Build an interactive website showcasing the expertise of Olay’s extensive R & D with the support of the fans/customers who love them. 


Engagement on up 15 - 22% month over month the first year of the e-commerce relaunch.


Creative Direction

Ecommerce Content Strategy

Consumer Testing

Created a tool to prove our products work. We created the first ever Skin Advisor Web App which relies on artificial intelligence and proprietary deep learning technologies to analyze a user's skincare needs and track results of continuous use, right at their fingertips.

Introducing Olays Mobile skin advisor

Build a product assortment page that digs into intuitive filters that “build upon” each other to more quickly end up with the right suggestion. 


Which clicks through to a product page rich with information including hoverable educational ingredient descriptions and sortable reviews. 

Olays Official website
Olays micro-sculpting moisturizer
Olay wrinkle cream face product description
Get to know to Olay product works
Olays official website page on skincare

Write editorialized content based on SEO analytics of common skin questions and concerns.

Make articles shareable, shoppable and regimen building.

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