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To justify the claim 2 Times Stronger Hair When You Use Pantene Shampoo and Conditioner” Pantene needed to come up with a social activation and sell more conditioner in the process.



Around the world girls connect and bond with each other over hair—they comb it, braid it and style it together. While there are fewer opportunities to do each others’ hair as they grow up, they still look to their friends for styling advice and product recommendations.



We’ll help women across America bond over hair through a social sweepstakes with influencers @Targetdoesitagain and let them rediscover that through Pantene and friendship; they’re #strongertogether.


Pantene increases their sales at Target by 4x their quarterly goal.


Social Media Influencer Campaign


Retail Partnership

Two women smiling in front a pantene stall
Targets Offical Instagram presenting their collaboraton with pantene
Winner of Pantenes stronger together hair challenge
Target and Pantenes promotion for their Hair challenge
Bestfriends who joined the BombshellBlowout Challenge by Pantene
Target and Pantenes promotion for their hair challenge
Promotion for the Top Knot challenge by pantene
Target and Pantenes promotion for their hair challenge
Promotion of the Fish tail braid challenge by pantene
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