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Planters official website launches Mr. peanuts 100th birthday


FInd a way to celebrate Mr. Peanut's 100th Birthday with the masses.



It is more fun to celebrate with someone than for someone.



Mr. Peanut has learned a thing or two by being at your party for over 100 years so instead of throwing one big bash in his own honor, his wish is to make you celebration more remarkable. Using the Periscope App, Mr. Peanut will be able to see what extras will make your party a blast, from music, to munchies to balloons and send them straight to your door.

Mr. Peanuts Official Birthday Registration Card

Customizable Birthday Card

Mr. Peanuts customize birthday card

On-Premise Experiential

Mr. Peanuts Celebrates his birthday across the country


Mr. Peanuts prmoting his birthday
Mr. Peanuts promotinh his birthday celebration
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