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Quaker Oats

Quaker Oats Official banner for their wellness festival


Give the loyal to oatmeal Baby Boomer customer a Quaker brand experience that highlights the health benefits of the grain beyond just breakfast. 


Aging, weight gain, health issues, and financial hardship are common events faced by Boomers, posing a challenge for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nearly all believe they have at least “some” control over their health, yet 81% acknowledge they could be doing more to improve it.



Why are Millenialls the only pack that gets a festival? Not anymore.


Rise and Thrive Wellness Festival 

In partnership with Thrive Global and AARP we created the first-ever Boomer Wellness Festival gathering like-minded people who are passionate about how nutrition, mindfulness, and fitness can help enhance health and improve their daily lives.

The single-day festival experience incorporated movement, mindfulness, healthy cooking demonstrations, a live podcasting stage, a robust marketplace, and inspiring speakers including Ariana Huffington, Joan Lunden, Agapi Stassinopoulos, David Stewart, Jessamyn Stanley, Candise Kumai and many more. The centerpiece of the event was a phenomenal community brunch hosted by Chef Art Smith, and featuring delicious and unexpected preparations of Quaker’s classic oats.


A sold-out festival. A slew of content for Quaker to amplify their message. A Q-Munity of brand advocates. And a lot of new friends. 


Creative Direction – Experience

Media Partnership

Ariana Huffington launches the Thrive Wellness Festival
Attendees at  the quaker oats thrive wellness festival
quaker rise thrive retreat
Quaker Oats Team at the Thrive Wellness Festival
Quaker Oats team taking a picture at the event
Attendees  at the quaker oats thrive wellness festival
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